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We will play at  Borderland Fuzz Fiesta!!!

Year two is upon us. Feb 26th-Feb 27th in downtown Tucson at 191 Toole. All Ages! Ticket Links and lineups bellow

TWO DAY EARLY BIRD ($30) Only 50!


SINGLE DAY SAT 27th Yawning Man with Mario and Dino Lalli (20$)

Eminence Main Stage

Dead Meadow 10:40-
Fatso Jetson 9-9:40
Zed 8-8:30
3rd Ear Experience 7:730

Greeson Custom Stage
Blaak Heat 9:40-10:20
Funeral Horse 8:30-9
Dead Canyon 7:30-8
Big Mean 6:30-7

Doors open at 6

Kiwi Audio Acoustic StageL 10:20-10:40 :Leonhardt

Full Sat Lineup Feb 27th

Eminence Main Stage

Yawning Man with Mario and Dino Lalli 10:40-
Switchblade Jesus 9:30-10
Waxy 8:30-9
Dandy Brown 7:30-8

Greeson Custom stage

Fuzz evil 10-10:40
BlackWulf 9-9:30
Cloudcatcher 8:-8:30
Sounds Like Murder 7-7:30

Doors open 6:30

Greeson Custom Guitars
Stone Fly Effects
Eminence Speakers
Ripple Music
Stone Fly Effects
Kiwi Audio
Jr’s Bar